Are you frustrated spending your advertising budget on a high priced static billboard that costs you every time you want to update your message? Curbside Media can bring your business up to date with our state-of-the-art advertising.

Our mobile digital billboards in the Boston area provide an almost limitless opportunity to target ads for your business to potential customers.

We are proud to have served Boston and surrounding area with our mobile truck advertising. Check out some of our past clients!

Find out a little about the Curbside team and what we hope to bring to the Boston community!

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How are people going to know what you have to offer unless you tell them? Our service allows you to detail your offerings. Do you have a premium service? Let people know!

Announce Coming Events

Generate excitement for your next event by utilizing our Boston area mobile digital billboards. Whether it is a big sale, on-site celebrity appearance, or other special occurrence, Curbside Media wants to help you generate interest!

Display Real Testimonials

Social media reviews are one of the best ways to spread the word about your awesome service. We can share this information with potential new customers to attract them to your business.

Promote Current Deals

Does your store have a weekly special or a holiday sale coming soon? Our Boston area mobile digital billboards can promote these deals and get customers excited about your event!

Share The Big News

Do you have a new location for your business? Have you added a new service or product to your company’s offering? Tell everyone what is going on, and you will bring customers to your front door.

Display FAQs

Our Boston mobile digital billboards can post answers to frequently asked questions from your customers. This informs potential customers about your business, and answers questions they may have!