In 2020, two childhood friends came together to explore their interests and business ideas. Through that process, Mike and Edwinna founded Curbside Media to bring digital advertising in Boston to a new level. Through a shared interest in owning a billboard, they built a digital mobile billboard truck in order to reach a wider area.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses, individuals, and families, they realized they had an opportunity to bring something special to people affected by the stress of social distancing, business interruptions, and the loss of family members. Families hadn’t been able to share in important events and celebrations, and businesses were having a difficult time getting their message out to people about changes in their strategy.

Curbside Media’s digital billboard truck was born out of a desire to help the Boston community communicate and recover!  

At Curbside Media, our mobile truck advertising proudly serves Boston and the surrounding areas.

Our cutting edge advertising strategies can help your business announce events, promote deals, and more.

Our advertising experts can utilize LED billboard trucks to help your business grow!



Rhode Island


Mike and Edwina believe that the use of their mobile billboard truck can bring joy to any celebratory event, as well as being used as a digital advertising tool to bring the Boston economy back for many different types of businesses.

It can also be used to show the big game to a group of spectators with respect to social distancing. The possible uses of our digital advertising truck in the Boston area is unlimited! Mike and Edwina and the team at Curbside Media Group care about the community and want to be a part of bringing business and people back together.

Give us a call or send us an email today. We would love to help you with your next event or advertising campaign!